1st Page Google Ranking

“I want my website to be found on the first page of Google. I want first page Google Ranking for my website, I am disappointed because my website is not ranking on the first page of Google, blah, blah, blah…” These are the most often heard words in the internet marketing world. The webmasters can easily be seen expressing their desire, complaints, and disappointments via such statements. They want first page Google ranking for their website because they know how important this is for being successful in online business. This can change their fortune in the market.

Why internet marketers are so much desperate about being found on the first page of Google? This is because Google is the most trusted search engine in the world. More than 60% people trust on Google for their requirements. Whenever they have to search for something, whether a restaurant, dental clinic, hospital, law firm, hardware store, mobile repair shop or something else, they simply open Google in their internet browser and start looking for their requirement using different phrases. Ranking on Google matters for several other reasons as well. Many search engines have tied up with Google for using its search result to show their users. One more thing that you cannot deny the websites that you see on the first page of Google you consider them most trustworthy than the websites that are ranking on other pages. Not only you or me but almost every internet user has the same idea. If Google is showing this website on the first page, it means Google considers this more reliable for its users. Now, this would be evident to you why webmasters want their website on the first page of Google.

How this first page Google ranking can be obtained? This is not an easy thing since today almost every business owner knows how helpful this can be for them to multi-fold their customer base and revenue, so almost every business owner is looking for this. SEO or search engine optimization is the thing that is required to boost up a website’s organic search results rankings and web traffic. As this is known to most of the businesspeople, most of them have hired a search engine optimization company for this. Many have hired their in-house teams as well. When they perceive their team needs some expert advice to meet their expectations, they reach a professional SEO consultant or search engine optimization company to get help.

If competition is so tough, how your website can be found on the first page of Google? This is tough, but not impossible. You can obtain first page Google ranking for your website by ensuring best quality search engine optimization work for your website. You have to make sure you do nothing against the guidelines of the search engines. Consistent quality work will help your website to be found on the first page of Google.

How can you ensure you are doing the best quality work for your website? A campaign running without any strategy is like searching for something in a dark, unfamiliar place. You can form a strategy if you are able to research the market, competition, the right keywords, right link building strategy, right content marketing… Your strategy must be based on the findings of your research. Since search engine optimization is a constantly changing process, the things that were good yesterday are bad today; similarly, the things that are good today may be bad tomorrow. So, you need to eye on Google algorithm updates so that you can know about changes happening in SEO world and accordingly you should bring changes in your search engine optimization strategy. If you are a business owner, you cannot do this all since you have to focus on your business as well. If you concentrate on search engine optimization, then your business will suffer. Therefore, this would be better approach to hire a professional search engine optimization company for this task.

Being an experienced team of search engine optimizers, we assure you of better service than your competitors are getting. We don’t believe in looking for things in dark. We know if we are going in a dark area, we should carry a torch with us. We don’t make fake commitments that we will bring your website on the first page of Google in a month or two. We get started with analysing your website, competition in the market, your competitors…. Once we have every detail in our hand, then we talk to you how long it will take us to bring your website on the first page of Google. We don’t want to hide our face from our clients for not fulfilling our commitments. We promise only what is possible in real terms.

We fully disapprove use of grey hat techniques that are being used to manipulate Google search results since these can be against the business interests of our clients. Google penalizes websites using grey hat SEO techniques to reach on the first page of Google and we don’t want ever any of our clients’ website should be penalized for being involved in spamming activities. We assure you of not using any unethical method to promote your website on search engines, so your website never remains prone to Google penalty. When you our hire us as your search engine optimization service provider, we audit your website and tell you about all kind of spamming work that has already been done on your website, knowingly or unknowingly, and ask your permission to eliminate all such work. Once you allow this, we remove spam works then after we start implementation of our own SEO work.

Thus, if you have big aspirations from your business website and you don’t want to ever stumble because of poor SEO work, you can trust us. Quality work for your website’s first page Google rankings is our assurance. However, how long this will take us to bring your website on the first page, we will let you know this after seeing the analysis report only.

Have any questions? Don’t waste your time, but shoot an email to us right away. We will shortly get back to you.